• Creating Test

    Browser operations

    Click, text input, pull-down, pop-up, back, forward, cookie delete, download, upload, mouse over, drag & drop, and more

    Mobile app operations

    Tap, text input, picker, switch, swipe, scroll, pinch-in, image upload, rotate, and more


    Validate text value, visibility, enabled, page tile, etc


    Automatically wait the action when necessary. Various explicit wait operations are also supported

    Conditional branch

    Run commands only when the specific condition is satisfied


    Store fixed value or displayed text to the variable.

    Variables can be accessible from test scripts or locators

    Advanced variable

    Store password etc to 'Secret variable', use 'System variable' to access device name or browser name etc

    Utility commands

    External web API call from the test script, data calculation, arithmetic operations, regular expression match, 2FA code calculation


    Mobile app with WebView is supported. Cordova app is also supported

    Device settings change

    Change the device settings such as language, region, timezone

    Edit locator

    Select the best UI element locator from various candidates. Custom locator is also supported


    Comments in a test script makes the intention of the test clearer

    Test edit utilities

    Copy, paste, undo, redo, partial test run, test run abort

    Email testing

    Email user authentication or email contents check by calling Gmail API inside the test script

    Visual testing

    Detect the difference of page screenshots by integrating reg-cli, OSS visual testing tool

  • Running Test

    Batch test run

    Run all specified tests in the project on the cloud environment or local PC

    Test run history

    Check the test result such as test detail, step screenshots, UI tree on test failure, log, on the web page

    Test result notification

    Send the test result to project members by e-mail

    Command line test run

    Command line test run by web API or magic-pod-api-client

    Scheduled test run

    Automatically run tests at the specified days of week and time (only on cloud)

    External cloud test run

    Run tests on browsers and real devices on BrowserStack, HeadSpin, Remote TestKit, SauceLabs

    Cross device test run

    Batch test run on various kind of browsers or devices sequentially or in parallel (only on cloud)

    Test label

    Specify labels to each test case and run tests including (or excluding) specific labels

  • Efficient Maintenance


    If the target UI element is not found, our AI will automatically modify the script and continue the test run

    Shared UI definition

    Share the UI definition used in multiple tests to improve the maintainability

    Shared step

    Share frequently used operations among multiple tests as shared step.

    The step accepts values or UI elements as its parameter

    Data driven testing

    Iterate the same steps with the different data patterns

    Shared variable

    Specify variables value used in all tests from outside of the tests

  • Other features


    Download all screenshots taken during test run

    Magic Pod web API

    Call various features of Magic Pod through web API


    Permission management per member or per project, source IP restriction, SAML authentication

    Multi-language support

    Device language/region setting, multi-lang data pattern